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6 tips to help you choose your breast implants

If you are thinking about getting a breast augmentation, I am sure that there will be some questions you will have in common with patients who have come to see me.  Some of these questions can include:

I have put together the following list of general tips which, whilst not exhaustive, I hope will be helpful at the pre-operative stage of your breast augmentation journey.

However,  I would always advise that you consult with your plastic surgeon about the best implant choice for you.

Tip #1 : Choose a qualified Plastic Surgeon who specialises in breast surgery

This should be one of the first considerations – what are my surgeon’s qualifications and where will he/she perform the procedure.  For more information, please refer to one of my earlier blog posts :  Why Cosmetic Surgery has become the Wild West of Medicine

You can read about my surgical qualifications here:   About Dr Vlad Milovic, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

Tip #2 : Ask yourself – what do you really want to achieve with breast augmentation surgery?

Think about whether you want a natural or fully augmented/full cleavage look.  This is one of the first questions you should ask yourself, even before you walk into a surgeon’s office.   You should communicate your objectives clearly to your plastic surgeon.   Be aware that there can be a conflict between what you secretly or truly want and what you think you should have because of what others may think – family, husband/partner, friends, society and so on.    So think clearly about this question – when you wake up in the morning, what do you want to see in your cleavage area?  This isn’t a decision for anyone else but you.

After asking a few clarifying questions during my consultations, I find that most patients will verbalise what they truly want and this can sometimes be at odds with what she thought she wanted when she first walked in the door.   Another reason I will stage my consultations with patients – to give them enough time to consider all the information and to make a well informed decision about their new look.  If you feel pressured to make a decision, leave.

Tip #3: Don’t get hung up on cc’s, cup sizes or breast implant shape

Women will tend to think in terms of cup sizes because that is how they buy their bras,  however, as you would already know, not all bra cup sizes are the same across all manufacturers.  Different designs, fabrics and manufacturers can create a variance in the cup size.  Also, you may be fitted for a C cup by one person and then a B by another.    So, using cup size alone is not the most accurate way to determine your breast implant size.  You can however mention desired cup size to your plastic surgeon as an indication of where you would like to be and as an opening consideration.

You may read opinions that a particular sized implant  – eg, 425cc –  is too big, or not big enough.   But don’t forget – the person giving the opinion is rarely surgically qualified, and on the right body shape, any given size can look perfectly proportionate.

Therefore, you should be open to considering the reasons for your plastic surgeon recommending a particular size and implant shape, even those you may not have considered.  An experienced plastic surgeon will have measured your chest and breast dimensions and matched them to the implant’s dimensions.

Tip #4 : Think about your overall lifestyle and personality

Some questions to ask yourself include :

Are you outgoing?  Shy?  Some women will want to have a smaller augmentation in an effort to replace the need to wear padded bras, and not be too obvious.  Other more extroverted women may want to be be more noticeable and are not concerned about perceptions about having a more obvious breast augmentation.   Most women tend to fall somewhere in the middle – a natural looking augmentation with upper pole fullness.  An experienced plastic surgeon can help you create the look you want provided that you discuss this clearly with him/her.

Do you exercise often?  If so, you won’t want your implants to be too big and become an annoyance to you.   Placement will also become important.

Will you have children in the near future, distant future or have you finished with your family?  If you are planning to have children in the immediate, short term future, it is probably better to avoid having a breast augmentation at this stage because your breasts will change.  If you plan to have children one

Tip #5: If you are undecided between sizes, go for the bigger size

Studies have shown that the most common reason for re-augmentation or revision surgery is because women decide that they want bigger breasts than those initially chosen, especially after the swelling has gone down.    So, if you are undecided between two sizes recommended by your plastic surgeon, consider opting for the bigger size.

Tip #6 : Trust your plastic surgeon’s advice

You have chosen your plastic surgeon for a reason.  So it is logical to then trust their advice when it comes to his or her opinion about size, projection and shape of your breast implants.   An experienced plastic surgeon, who specialises in breast augmentation, will understand your medical history, cosmetic objectives and know what is and isn’t possible to achieve with your anatomy ie will manage your expectations.

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