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What is a Mummy Makeover?

Mummy makeover surgery is a combination of procedures commonly sought out by women after pregnancy and childbirth

Mummy makeover surgery is a combination of procedures commonly sought out by women after pregnancy and childbirth[/caption]

MUMMY MAKEOVER: Many women experience significant body changes following pregnancy and birth and multiple pregnancies only compound these changes. You might want to refresh your face at the same time or change the shape of your nose. There are several combinations, often done at the same time by a qualified plastic surgeon.

It is important to visit with your plastic surgeon, at least a couple of times before surgery,  to discuss your medical history, the combination of procedures you wish to undertake, risks and complications and recovery.

Mummy Makeover Costs

Dr Milovic takes a personalised approach when discussing and planning surgery with his patients, so that you can expect a treatment plan which suits your individual needs, lifestyle and goals. Therefore, estimated costs are difficult to provide without a detailed consultation, since the best suited combined procedures are often assessed at the time of the consultation.  For example : You may think you need a breast lift to achieve perkier breasts, but then you could out that you also would need implants to correct volume lost after pregnancy and breastfeeding and an estimated cost without a consultation could be misleading.  The same logic applies vice versa : you may think you need a breast augmentation and lift, but you could have a breast lift procedure and achieve the look you want.  When choosing a plastic surgeon for your mummy makeover surgery, take into account their qualifications, experience and character – not just the costs.  It is better to delay your surgery, until you can afford it with the surgeon you really want to perform it.

Rapid Recovery Approach – caution and care still required!

Dr Milovic’s rapid recovery approach to tummy tuck surgery can be performed at the same time as other surgery, thereby, helping patients get back on their feet earlier in their immediate post-operative recovery.  This is achieved by the administration of trans-abdominal blocks (TABS) during surgery, and requires an experienced Anaesthetist as part of the theatre team.    Dr Milovic’s post-op aftercare protocols need to be followed by patients in order to get the best out of their post-operative experience, and pave the way towards a successful recovery.

It is important to remember : a rapid recovery in the immediate post-operative period does not mean that patients can speed up their overall recovery time eg 6 weeks to 3 weeks.  Your body will heal according to it’s own pace and scars will form in the way in which your body heals.  What it means is that most patients don’t require as much pain medication, are up and about within 24 hours of having surgery, and don’t need to have lengthy hospital stays.  The need for physiotherapy is also not required.  Scar management protocols are given to every patient to ensure that patients are given the best chance to heal well.

Smoking, premature exercise and not following post-op instructions can contribute to poor healing and unsatisfactory scarring.  Listen to Dr Milovic’s advice as best you can, and try not to read too much on the internet about other people’s cases or opinions.   Once you’ve trusted him to perform your surgery, he will take it from there and guide you towards recovery.   We have found that the patients who heal with the least if any complications, are the ones who take his advice to the letter.

As part of his commitment to post-op care after mummy makeover surgery, especially since patients tend to go home sooner where the rapid recovery approach is used, Dr Milovic’s patients can rest assured knowing that they have access to his after hours number for any urgent concerns.

Accredited Private Facilities

Mummy makeover surgery should only ever be performed in an accredited private hospital, under general anaesthesia.  Mummy makeover surgery does not qualify for day surgery and usually requires 1-3 nights in hospital.

If you have any questions, or just want to chat, about mummy makeover surgery, please contact Dr Milovic’s office on 02 9389 9065 (Sydney) or 02 6260 4882 (Canberra).  Or, complete the form below.