Over the last few years, men have increasingly been getting plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, such as correction of gynaecomastia or male breast reduction (often known as correction of “man boobs”), male rhinoplasty, facelift and neck lift procedures, eyelid and otoplasty procedures, tummy tuck procedure, liposuction and non-surgical procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections.

Revese vasectomies and circumcision procedures are also on the increase.

The stigma in getting “work done” is reducing for male patients, and there are several reasons cited by male patients for wanting cosmetic surgery, with each man having his own reasons, including:

  • A desire to improve their aesthetic appearance as they age;
  • Competition in the workforce, where looking fit and younger is valued alongside competency;
  • Correction of a congenital condition, affecting self esteem eg “man boobs” or concave chest wall, lack of pectoral definition;
  • Use of steroids has resulted in sagging breasts and excess skin;
  • Massive weight loss with excess skin affecting self esteem and choice of clothes;
  • Extra definition or changes to jawline, chin and facial structure to result in a more masculine appearance.

Dr Milovic has had extensive experience with male cosmetic procedures in Australia and overseas, including working at the Military Medical Academy (MMA) in Belgrade for close to 10 years. At MMA, Dr Milovic performed a wide range of plastic and cosmetic procedures on predominantly male patients suffering traumatic injuries, as well as men seeking cosmetic enhancement.

Natural results are important to men

Dr Milovic does not apply a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to male cosmetic surgery. Dr Milovic recognises the importance of tailoring plastic and cosmetic surgery techniques to match the male anatomy to ensure that the results appear masculine, but above all else, natural.