Are you unhappy with the shape and/or contour of your nose?  Or do you have difficulty breathing well after a traumatic event or perhaps you were born this way.  If so, then you may be considering a rhinoplasty procedure.

A Rhinoplasty procedure or Nose Job as it’s commonly termed has a long, long history with evidence of Nose Job surgery going as far back as 800BC.

Rhinoplasty is performed for cosmetic, reconstructive and functional reasons and is normally done under general anaesthesia.  If you are unhappy with the shape or size of your nose, or if you have functional / breathing problems, you may wish to consider a Rhinoplasty procedure.

Male Rhinoplasty

Dr Milovic specialises in male rhinoplasty procedures, having first trained in a military hospital, and then completing a four year aesthetic surgery fellowship in Belgrade including both male and female surgery.   Dr Milovic’s practice has, for over 20 years, featured both male and female patients.  So, he is well experienced to perform male surgery procedures such as the rhinoplasty procedure.

Dr Milovic recognises that male nose surgery needs to take into account the unique facial anatomy of men, to ensure that a natural look is achieved.    Dr Milovic’s approach also takes into consideration the ethnicity of the male patient, to ensure that there is racial congruence, unless his patients indicate otherwise.

There are two techniques or options which may be considered: the closed technique or the open technique.  Both will involve incisions in the nose but with open Rhinoplasty, a second incision will be necessary between the nostrils.

Ethnic rhinoplasty

When Dr Milovic assesses you for the rhinoplasty procedure, he will take your ethnicity into consideration. Dr Milovic does not use the same surgical approach on every patient. Rather, your facial anatomy, ethnicity and aesthetic goals will be discussed during your pre- op consultations with Dr Milovic.

“Racial incongruity” occurs when there is an imbalance between the physical traits of an individual and their ethnic background. Such an obvious disproportion between the nasal and facial anatomy can appear awkward and “over operated”. The over operated look can be avoided with an experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr Milovic, whose patients are ethnically diverse. Also, proper pre-operative evaluation and precise technical execution is necessary.

You may want a “dramatic” difference without close attention to keeping your “ethnic” nose, or you may the type of patient who wants a subtle refinement without loss of their ethnic traits.

Natural look rhinoplasty

Whilst Dr Milovic advocates a natural approach to ethnic rhinoplasty, he will discuss your cosmetic goals and wishes with you and present the best way forward to achieve the look you want. He will also detail his reasons for or against a particular approach and ultimately, it will be up to you to make the final decision.

Dr Milovic is well experienced and trusted to operate on ethnic noses including African, Asian, Middle Eastern and Eastern European patients. While each ethnic group share a range of nasal characteristics, there are classical features which are commonly present and recognised by Dr Milovic.