About Dr Milovic’s Medical Grade Skincare

Dr Milovic practised as a Plastic Surgeon in Europe where skincare is a vital part of the daily grooming routine.   After moving to Australia some years ago, Dr Milovic has seen first hand the damage that our harsh climate can do to Aussie skin.  That’s why Dr Milovic’s private label medical skincare is formulated in Australia, backed by sound scientific principles.  As a trusted Plastic Surgeon, Dr Milovic believes in real results and his skincare also has to deliver.

Dr Milovic believes in preventative, anti-aging skincare which has proven ingredients to clear, clarify and bring back a youthful glow to delicate facial skin.


Dr Milovic’s Medical Skincare range is created with the most potent, effective and highest form of medical grade ingredients, providing your skin with optimal results in anti- ageing, age preventative, resilience and hydration.

Formulated & Developed in Australia, Dr Milovic’s range of medical grade skincare is designed to treat inflammatory skin conditions which are chronically seen in this country.  As an animal lover, Dr Milovic’s skincare range is not tested on animals.

Effectively treat:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dull skin tone
  • Premature Ageing
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Dry & mature aged skin
  • Rosacea
  • Acne
  • Atopic skin conditions, such as, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis
  • Pre and post operative skin, enhancing facial treatment and procedure results

Why Dr Milovic’s skincare is the best solution for your skin

By making physiological changes within a cell, we can reverse the damage brought on by all external factors.

We want to reduce the application of inflammatory substances which can in turn reduce symptoms associated with inflammatory skin disorders.

The formulations are “age reversing”, corrective skincare because it allows the skin to exfoliate naturally, focusing on delivery of the active ingredients into the dermal layer where the majority of skin problems start.skin

Dr Milovic’s medical skincare range achieves remarkable results by addressing every aspect of skin damage through :

  • increasing collagen and elastin production
  • remodelling scar tissue
  • increasing the skin’s nutrition and growth factors
  • actively repairing DNA damage

All water used in our formulations is harmonised.



We recommend that you start using our black label collection for your daily essentials.



A luxurious gentle exfoliating gel cleanser that effectively removes dirt, makeup & environmental toxins without stripping the skin of its natural protective lipid barrier. Free from SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) our cleanser uses soothing natural kiwi and kumquat derivatives to purify the skin. The end result is refreshed, hydrated and radiant skin.


Vitamin A Level 1  Serum is designed for sensitive skin types who want a dramatic restoration of the skin rejuvenation process.  This potent combination of Retinaldehyde 0.5% , Vitamin B3, Hyaluronic Acid and peptides is essential for all skin types to rectify premature ageing and to prolong the skins ageing process . Vitamin A Level 1 serum is the most gentle of our Vitamin A serums, this formula addresses skin immunity to allow for healing and repair.  Works like a prescription Vitamin A, but without the side effects. Because it is never found in the bloodstream, you can safely use our Vitamin A serum during pregnancy and it also doesn’t cause photosensitivity. Vitamin A Stimulates collagen and elastin production, remodels scarring and restores the epidermal barrier.  Also provides potent calming agents that significantly reduce inflammation in the skin.  First stage anti-aging treatment with Retinaldehyde.


A firm favourite in our office! Potent immune protection, anti-inflammatory, inhibits pigmentation, balances moisture and repairs epidermal barrier.  Radiance is restore immediately, with plumping effect.



A delicious cranberry enzyme, skin smoothing, peptide firming antioxidant mask that gives you a gentle & natural way to exfoliate the skin.  Each application provides your skin with a healthy glow, leaving your skin firm, smooth and beautiful! We recommend leaving the mask on over night to create a fresh and dewy hydrated glow. Perfect skin prep for any event!



This semi- matte finish moisturizer is perfect for all skin types. Day Cream SPF 15+ protects, calms and hydrates the skin. This wonder product is both your daily hydrator and sunscreen. Day Cream SPF15+ supplies the skin with vital natural moisture factors of Hyaluronic acid, Amino peptides and natural antioxidants,  with Zinc Oxide creating a physical barrier to UV rays.






This potent formulation of Retinaldehyde 1% remodels, protects and restores a youthful, smooth and refined skin. Vitamin A level 2 contains double the strength of Vitamin A than Level 1 Serum, and has the unique ability to increase the amount of skin food, collagen and elastin production, remodel scarring and restore the epidermal barrier.  Also provides a high source of antioxidants , Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B3 to fight off free radical damage, smooth and hydrate the skin… Good bye fine lines!!


An innovative and instant skin plumping serum that soothes, protects and nourishes the skin. This wonder serum is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It also creates protective silky barrier to prevent surface dehydration. Reversal 22 also contains 2 forms of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, jojoba & Macadamia Oil



A potent form of Vitamin C creates the most effective way to repair DNA damage and rebuild collagen in the skin.  Dr Milovic’s Vitamin C Serum will assist with pigment control and normalisation along with improving the skin’s health. This serum is perfect for a dull and sluggish appearance.



A soothing, antibacterial and hydrating moisturiser. HA Plumping cream contains Hyaluronic Acid, Honey, Royal Jelly and 2 forms of essential lipids to provide the skin with  superior hydration,  creates optimal moisture levels, providing an instantly plump and glowing skin.



A potent formula that targets 4 key conditions of ageing skin:

  • DNA support
  • Anti- ageing/ Anti wrinkle
  • Brightening
  • Antioxidants

The key actives to offer this type of restoration are:

  • Stem Cell plant extract
  • Peptides- Matrixyl & fiflow BTX
  • Vitamin C
  • Kombuchka
  • Resveratrol

A perfect blend vegan DMAE and MSM to restructure the skins thinning dermal layer. Youth Essence dramatically firms, tightens and plumps the skin by infusing essential proteins and creates cellular stabilisation, diminishing fine lines and brown age spots. Youth Essence also contains:

  • Coconut
  • Avocado
  • Aloe
  • White willow extract

The ultimate eye cream. Eye restore contains highly active antioxidants, liquid crystals, rice extract and silk extract. This potent formulation restores eye area volume and smooth wrinkles around the eye area. It can also be used around the lip area for fine lines and loss of volume.


A corrective iridescent eye gel that contains collagen stimulating peptides, plant protein extract & vitamin E. Eye Repair promotes skin brightening and suitable for pre mature ageing arund the eyes and dark circles. It contains pearl extract to create an instant illumination around the eye area.



A generous sized skin essentials kit, perfect to take travelling or to trial the range. The essentials travel pack contains:

  • Cleanser
  • Antioxidant mask
  • Vitamin A Level 1 0.5%
  • Vitamin B
  • Day Cream SPF 15+



BODY BUFF- Pomegranate & AHA Resurfacing Serum

Exfoliates and calms your skin, clearing blocked pores and dead skin cells to reveal healthy new skin.  Accelerate cellular renewal with lactic acid and potent peptides.  Reduce pigment, hydrate and nourish your body.  Great for preventing ingrown hairs and drawing them out as well.

Key active ingredients include – Niacinamide (vitamin B3), antioxidant Punica Granatum (pomegranate), Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid.

BODY FIRM- Body Hydration Serum

An intense hydrating body serum that soothes, nourishes & protects the skin. Body Firm contains:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Essential Lipids
  • Rose hip oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Evening Primrose oil
  • Sweet almond oil



Dr Milovic’s specially formulated mineral makeup is hydrating, soothing and protects the skin from UV damage. It mimics your own skins tone and creates a luminous and dewy complexion.


The antioxidant enriched sheer tint mimics virtual skin, giving your face a youthful dewy glow, and no-make up look. The skin is provided with compounds which help to protect against free radical damage, inhibiting sun damage and photo-ageing. Antioxidants protect the epidermis and dermis by encouraging skin cell regeneration, aiding tissue repair, healing wounds and encouraging circulation to healing skin.  So, SHEER GLOW is perfect to use after any facial treatment or procedure.

With Green tea extract, Vitamins A, B, C & E as well as antioxidant enriched hydrators such as pumpkin oils, rosehip, pomegranate, Kakadu Plum and Blackcurrant oils, SHEER GLOW has exceptional medicinal properties and goes well beyond being just a mineral foundation!



A soft dewy and hydrating mineral powder that’s suitable for all ages and skin types. Age Defy contains a physical sunblock that is semi water resistant and oil free. This mineral can be applied post peel and post surgery procedures.



Hyaluronic revival spritz suitable for all skin types. Instantly calms, red, dehydrated and heated skin. Suitable to use on its own or post mineral makeup application and through out the day as a hydration boost for the skin. Aqua Mist contains:

  • Deuterium Oxide (D20) heavy water molecular weighted molecule to deliver moisture deep into the skin
  • Hyaluronic Acid to instantly plump and moisturise
  • D- Beta (cane sugar extract) to strengthen the skins immunity
  • Borago Officinalis seed oil, a high concentration of GLA and Omega 6 essential fatty acid