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Dr Vlad Milovic—our specialist plastic surgeon—has kept his professional team of clinical and administrative staff deliberately small. Staff has been carefully selected based on their qualifications, excellence, experience, compassion, and commitment to patient care.

Together with Dr Milovic, our team is proud to provide patients with trusted advice and assistance, within the boundaries of our qualifications. As a practice, we are well known for our friendly, professional, and personalised approach to patient care.

Practice Philosophy

“Once I take on a patient under my care, that patient can expect to be treated as an individual and not as a number.  It is a great responsibility as a patient’s overall wellbeing, health and safety is paramount in my mind. I don’t want to scare people off from having surgery, but I want them to be well informed and to understand that cosmetic surgery is not a commodity, like a car or TV. It is elective and should be carefully considered,” says Dr Milovic.

On patient service and aftercare, Dr Milovic says:

“I expect my staff to provide best-practice service towards my patients. My patient can expect me to care for them after surgery until they heal, i.e. once I am satisfied that further care is not required, and as long as they also feel they no longer need my attention. When that is, will be determined by their recovery and individual needs. Of course, I am always interested when patients look me up some years later and tell me how they are doing since surgery.”

Practice Director – Sonja

Sonja has managed Dr Milovic’s practice since 2008, and continues to work closely with Dr Milovic.

Together with Dr Milovic, she is passionate about ensuring that patients are provided the best possible treatment and care in a friendly, private, and professional setting.

Sonja is responsible for overseeing all business and administrative aspects of Dr Milovic’s practice, as well as managing the policies and procedures to ensure best clinical practice standards.

Sonja has a strong background in tax and business law, as well as health administration law in private practice, having completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology), and Bachelor of Arts/Law with Honours. She has had over 15 years experience in the business and legal industry, having worked previously as a Senior Tax Consultant at global professional services firms, Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young, and as Executive Officer in the Australian Tax Office. Sonja also worked as Secretariat for the National Tax Liaison Group, as well as drafting tax policies and law in the Business Tax Reform Project.

Dr Milovic and Sonja have been married for 19 years, have two children, and a dog called ‘Odie’.  As a family, they enjoy going fishing, travel, books, philanthropy, and watching old movies.

Reception & Patient Administration

More info coming soon!

Dr Vlad Milovic – Melbourne Practice

In 2016, Dr Milovic expanded his well established specialist plastic & cosmetic surgery practice to Epworth Hawthorn, located in the leafy inner Eastern suburb of Hawthorn.

Our Melbourne practice has been warmly welcomed by the Epworth group, and has found its home among the Specialist suites.

High-standard clinical care is of the utmost importance to Dr Milovic, and Epworth Hawthorn is well reputed for its friendly and professional patient care.

Epworth Hawthorn offers Dr Milovic’s patients boutique accommodation on site, conveniently located just minutes from the Melbourne CBD, and only a few steps from public transport including Hawthorn train station, tram on Burwood Rd, and buses. Ample parking can be found around the building on Burwood Rd, as well as onsite.

With 8 private hotel type suites (with large ensuite) and all with natural light, Epworth Hawthorn patients are cared for in comfort and style. Each suite has a flat screen TV, mini fridge, wi-fi, ensuite, telephone, guest/visitor lounge, A/C, and heating.

Dr Milovic previously worked at Southern Health at Dandenong and Monash hospitals, and is pleased to return to his Australian hometown of Melbourne to look after plastic and cosmetic surgery patients, from pre-operative planning to post-operative care.

Accredited Surgical Facilities

As a Member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and other professional Plastic Surgery memberships, Dr Milovic is fully committed to performing all plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures which require sedation or general anaesthesia in safe, accredited hospitals and day surgery centres.

Whilst your costs do go up if you have cosmetic surgery at an accredited facility, rather than in surgeon’s rooms, you will have peace of mind that the accredited hospital or day surgery centre will ensure the following complies with best-practice Australian surgical standards:

An accredited facility must undergo strict assessment by an external auditor to ensure that all invasive plastic or cosmetic surgery procedures and aftercare are performed safely and at the highest possible standard, i.e. Australian Day Surgery Council, ISO, or Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS) standards.

Dr Milovic chooses to operate, and has admitting rights, at the following accredited facilities:

Should you have any questions or require further information about accredited hospitals and day surgery centres, please refer to the ACHS website.


The Anaesthetists with whom I work are all qualified Specialists, who are highly skilled and experienced in ensuring that your anaesthesia during surgery is safe. All are Fellows of the Australia and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA), which is one of Australia’s largest specialist medical colleges. The ANZCA is to Anaesthetists what the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) is to Specialist surgeons, like myself. For more information about ANZCA, please visit www.anzca.edu.au.

To read more about Anaesthesia in general, please visit the Patient Resources page on the ANZCA website.