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Our specialist plastic surgeon, Dr Vlad Milovic, believes safe, successful plastic surgery requires high-quality care at every phase of treatment. For this reason, he is committed to delivering attentive, personalised, comprehensive care before, during, and after each procedure. While other pages of this website go into great detail about Dr Milovic’s approach to the consultation, treatment planning, and surgical specifics of each procedure, we want to focus now on the importance of our surgical aftercare program, which is thoughtfully designed to ensure you receive outstanding post-operative care. Our surgical aftercare program is aimed at facilitating proper healing, enhancing patient comfort, minimizing the potential for complications, and providing reassuring support. We are proud of the fact that our approach allows us to build long-lasting relationships with our patients!

Why Is High-Quality Aftercare Important?

The post-operative recovery phase can be challenging for many patients, and high-quality aftercare provided by our patient-focused plastic surgeon, Dr Milovic, and his small and attentive support team helps to smooth the way to a satisfying final result. Following your plastic surgery procedure, the aftercare regimen you abide by at home and the comprehensive post-operative services our practice provides are critical to supporting your healing journey, safeguarding your health, and helping you achieve the best possible surgical outcome.

What Does Dr Milovic’s Aftercare Program Entail?

Dr Milovic and our patient team want to see that your needs and concerns are taken care of at all stages of the surgical process, and this continues throughout the aftercare phase and beyond. Our aftercare program is created by Dr Milovic and personalised for you, and you can anticipate being treated like a valued member of our extended family:

How Does High-Quality Aftercare Affect Pricing?

So often in plastic surgery it is true that you get what you pay for. Patients who consider bargain pricing a priority when choosing their surgeon will commonly find that they are disappointed by the quality of care they receive, and oftentimes, the outcomes. Surgery is a journey, and is not limited to just the surgery itself. You will be attending a number of appointments, and you need to feel comfortable with the surgeon and his staff both pre- and post-surgery. You will also need to rely on them for any questions or concerns that you have.

When you choose Dr Milovic, you will benefit from selecting an extensively trained and experienced specialist plastic and cosmetic surgeon, recognised in Australia and internationally, who will provide you with the highest-level of care at every stage of your journey—and our pricing reflects that value. When you receive an estimate for the procedure(s) you want, the cost for the comprehensive, high-quality care you will receive before, during, and after your surgery—not just the surgery itself—is conveniently built-in to the overall price. If you require a longer operative time, request changes, or need further procedures, additional costs may be added to the original price.

If you are considering plastic surgery and want to find out how much it would cost to have Dr Milovic perform your procedure(s), we encourage you to contact our practice to schedule a personal consultation. During this consultation you will have the opportunity to meet with Dr Milovic, explore your options, discuss pricing, and learn all about what makes his patient-centered approach to plastic surgery so unique, reassuring, and effective.