Be informed before having a cosmetic surgery procedure

There are some key questions that you need ask yourself, and your prospective Plastic Surgeon, before you have a cosmetic surgery procedure, no matter how simple it all may sound.

You may feel you don’t need to ask any of the questions below because you’ve already done your research.  But if you are unclear, you can use them as a guide.  Having cosmetic surgery is a choice – be informed and do your homework.  Each procedure and individual patient carries their own potential risks and complications.  Being forthright about any previous surgeries and your medical history is imperative.

Questions to ask before your surgery

  • Are you a Specialist Plastic Surgeon?  If not, what are your qualifications?
  • Are you a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS)?  If so, in what speciality is your Fellowship?  Is it Plastic Surgery?
  • Are you a Member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)?
  • Do you have any conditions on your medical registration?  You can also check on the AHPRA website.
  • Will the surgery be performed in an accredited facility?
  • Will a qualified Anaesthetist administer the anaesthetic and/or sedation? Are those fees include in the surgical fee estimate?
  • Do you have a consent form and other information outlining the procedure for me to review?
  • Am I able to cancel my procedure without onerous financial consequences?
  • Will I need time off work?
  • Are there any post-operative side effects?
  • Will there be visible scarring?  How can this be managed post-operatively?
  • What is your approach to post-operative care, and is there an additional charge?
  • Do I have any options other than surgery?


Adapted from Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, Essential Information for Patients.