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As a Plastic Surgeon, Dr Vlad Milovic is qualified to perform reconstructive microsurgery and has years of experience in both public and private hospitals, including reconstruction following cancer (including breast reconstruction), trauma, and war wounds.

The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery Vs. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

There is a misguided claim by those who only perform cosmetic surgery procedures that cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery are different. That is a convenient marketing myth, for those who may not have been trained in plastic surgery.

The truth is that cosmetic surgery was born from the reconstructive surgery experience, which only Plastic Surgeons are qualified to perform. Reconstructive plastic surgery grew from war, particularly after World War 1.  Disfigured and maimed soldiers who survived their war wounds necessitated advances in facial and body reconstructive plastic surgery in order to return to their lives. Advances in plastic and reconstructive surgery not only improved function, but also cosmetic appearance – and from this practice, cosmetic surgery was born to be accessed by patients who solely wanted to improve their cosmetic appearance.