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What Is a Mummy Makeover?

A mummy makeover is a combination of different surgical and non-surgical procedures that can help reverse physical changes caused by pregnancy and childbirth. The goal of a mummy makeover is to help women look and feel more youthful, confident, and rejuvenated by addressing specific characteristics of the breasts, body, and face. Most often, women seeking mummy makeovers desire to improve the appearance of sagging skin, a protruding abdomen, drooping breasts, areas of excess fat, facial aging, and/or feminine genitalia. Each mummy makeover is unique and highly customised to suit the needs and goals of each mum.

Mummy makeover procedures commonly include:

During a consultation with Dr Vlad Milovic at his clinic Melbourne, you can discuss your areas of concern and find out which combination of cosmetic surgery procedures can be safely performed at the same time. Dr Milovic and his team have helped many mums achieve the results they want.

What Are the Benefits of a Mummy Makeover?

Looking your best and feeling your best are commonly intertwined. Patients who have had the mummy makeover procedure have reported not only physical benefits but emotional ones too, such as improved self-confidence. There are psychological effects that can remain with women long after their pregnancy and birth. Many of these effects can be related to the loss of their figures, and may include:

  • Feelings of embarrassment, especially in front of one’s partner when undressing
  • Loss of sexual drive
  • Depression and lack of motivation
  • Social withdrawal
  • Relationship problems
  • Loss of confidence
  • Lack of desire to maintain appearance

Although surgery cannot give you self-esteem, it can improve some aspects of your overall confidence. Some women have reported feeling embarrassed about their bodies, as well as frustration about not being able to fit into the clothes they once did, or clothes they want to wear. In fact, there are many studies which have examined weight gain during and after pregnancy. These studies have linked body dissatisfaction with depression, psychological stress, overeating, and additional weight gain. By addressing these types of physical concerns with a mummy makeover that reshapes the body, many mums are able to overcome some of the emotional barriers to personal satisfaction.

Oftentimes, a good diet and exercise regime are not enough to get rid of the excess, sagging skin and loosened abdominal muscles after pregnancy. For many mums the only way to achieve flatter, firmer, smoother abdominal contours is through a tummy tuck. Similarly, there are no effective exercises that can lift or restore youthful shape to stretched, drooping breasts, making a breast lift essential for mums who want to elevate and enhance their breasts. Dr Milovic can also use liposuction to reduce and sculpt stubborn areas of excess fat. One of the more sensitive areas he can address with surgical techniques is the feminine genitalia, which can be dramatically affected during the childbirth process. Many mums find that labiaplasty and vaginal tightening procedures help them to regain confidence during sexual intimacy. When combined into a comprehensive mummy makeover, these procedures and more can bring about a gorgeous physical transformation that can help you look and feel like the super mum you are!

What a Mummy Makeover Will Not Do

Like all cosmetic surgery, the mummy makeover cannot change external problems or events in your life. It cannot guarantee that you won’t go through a life changing event, such as divorce or relationship breakdowns. It also cannot find you a new partner or make financial problems go away. But when you feel better about yourself, you may find that changes will occur around you because you have helped make them happen.

A mummy makeover is not a substitute for weight loss, which is best achieved through diet and exercise. Surgery is actually the final step in your weight loss journey, and is what’s left over from your great efforts. You shouldn’t have surgery until you have reached your goal weight (i.e. a weight you’re happy with) and have kept it constant for at least three months before seeing Dr Milovic for your first visit.

View examples of our successful procedures in our mummy makeover photo gallery.

Who Is a Candidate for a Mummy Makeover?

A mummy makeover is a very personal decision and you should have realistic goals and expectations before undergoing any surgical or non-surgical procedures. If you are unhappy with the appearance of certain areas of your post-baby body and face, Dr Milovic will examine those areas during your initial consultation and evaluate how a mummy makeover can achieve an improvement and meet your goals and expectations. If you are in good health and you are a non-smoker (or you are prepared to give up smoking for at least six weeks prior to and after surgery) then you may be well-suited to having a mummy makeover.

Dr Milovic recommends a healthy diet and exercise regimen to achieve your ideal or goal weight before surgery and get you through the surgery and recovery process quicker and more easily. Some of our patients talked to us about how important it was to have their core and upper body strength during the immediate recovery period.

What Happens During the Mummy Makeover Procedure?

Depending upon your general health and the extent of the procedure, mummy makeovers are typically performed as day procedures or alternatively with an overnight hospital stay. Dr Milovic will only perform your mummy makeover in safe, accredited operating facilities. The way your mummy makeover is performed depends largely on which procedures you are undergoing. The timing of the procedures can be anything from one to six hours depending on the procedures and on how many areas are being treated. Some surgeries can be performed together during the same operation; however, there may be limitations as to how many procedures can be performed at once. Some patients require a phased approach to enhance safety and minimise risks. When you and Dr Milovic are discussing your mummy makeover plan, he will explain each detail of the process so that you know what to expect. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments can be performed in the comfort of our office, and a customised plan will be created for achieving optimal results.

For information on how each procedure is performed, we encourage you to explore our website to review dedicated pages on the surgeries and treatments you are considering:

What Is Recovery After a Mummy Makeover Like?

Your recovery after a mommy makeover will depend on the range of procedures you decide to have and on your body’s ability to heal. It is important to take time off from work and/or arrange for child care immediately following your surgery so that you can get the rest you need.

Based on your unique mummy makeover plan, Dr Milovic can provide you with a rough estimate of how long you can expect to be recovering, but you must take into account that your recovery may be shorter or longer than average. Prior to any procedure, you will be given detailed post-operative instructions on how to care for yourself once you are home. These instructions should be followed closely to enhance your comfort, promote healing, and prevent complications. To help ensure proper healing and safeguard your health, it is critical that you attend all scheduled follow-up appointments with Dr Milovic. If you have any questions or urgent concerns that arise during the recovery process you are encouraged to contact our office or Dr Milovic directly—he is available to all post-operative patients after hours.

How Much Does a Mummy Makeover Cost?

Cost is always a consideration in elective surgery, but it should not be the only consideration. You have the right to be informed about the foreseeable costs before you have your surgery. This is called ‘informed financial consent’.

Costs associated with the procedure may include:

  • Dr Milovic’s surgical fee
  • Accredited hospital or surgical facility costs
  • Anaesthesia fees
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Medical tests (if required)

After your initial consultation with Dr Milovic, you will receive a written estimate of fees and an information pack to read before your second pre-surgery appointment. We will take pre-operative photos which can then be discussed with Dr Milovic as he determines a possible surgical plan or options. The second appointment is free of charge, once you decide you are ready to book your surgery. At this appointment, you will go into greater detail and finalise the surgical plan, discuss hospital and consent forms, and ask further questions about your surgery.

In some cases, the final costs may vary from the original estimate because of complications, longer operative time, or changes that you may have requested. Additional procedures may also be necessary in some cases.

Where you might have an item number for this procedure, you should check with your private health insurer to see if any part of the procedure is covered. This could save you hospital accommodation costs and provide you with a rebate on the surgery cost.

For cosmetic procedures, you will be charged the goods and services tax (GST).

More Information About Mummy Makeover

To help you find all of the information you need to make the right decision for you, Dr. Milovic has answered some of the most commonly asked questions we hear regarding mummy makeover. If you would like to know more, please contact our practice.

What do mummy makeover scars look like?

The presence of any scarring will depend on the procedures you decide to have. Scars are an inevitable part of any invasive surgery. As a fully qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr Milovic will endeavour to minimise scarring and to keep your scars as inconspicuous as possible. Scars will typically fade over time and, for most of our patients, become barely noticeable.

If scarring is a concern for you after surgery, Dr Milovic will provide you with a scar treatment plan to expedite the healing of your scars.

Does mummy makeover require anaesthesia?

The type of anaesthesia you need will depend on the combination of procedures you decide to have. Most of the procedures are day procedures performed under general anaesthesia or twilight sedation. In some cases a hospital stay may be required.

Modern anaesthesia is safe and effective, but it does carry some risks. Ask Dr Milovic and your Anaesthetist for more information. You can be assured that Dr Milovic will engage the services of a qualified Anaesthetist who is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and NZ College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) to perform your sedation and/or general anaesthesia.

Dr Milovic and/or your anaesthetist will ask you about all the medications you are taking or have taken, and any allergies you may have. Please make sure you have an up-to-date list before the surgery.

Can I get pregnant again after a mummy makeover?

While it is generally safe for many women to become pregnant after they have had a mummy makeover, Dr Milovic recommends waiting until you have finished having children to undergo this type of plastic surgery. Another pregnancy after your mummy makeover could affect the quality of your results; however, if you should become pregnant it is best not to worry. Some patients find that their figure responds surprisingly well to the pregnancy, while others need only minor procedures or touch-ups to restore their previous results.