As a highly qualified and reputable Plastic Surgeon, Dr Vlad Milovic will only operate at accredited day surgery and private hospital facilities.  This is for your safety and to ensure that he has everything, and everyone, he needs for your surgical procedure.   Dr Milovic will only operate in his recognised area of training and experience, which is Plastic Surgery.

Dr Milovic chooses to operate at the following accredited hospitals:


  • Epworth Hawthorn, 50 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn, (03) 9415 5720
  • Epworth Freemasons, 166 Clarendon St East Melbourne, (03) 9483 3833
  • Epworth Richmond, 89 Bridge Rd, Richmond, (03) 9426 6666
  • Epworth Cliveden, 29 Simpson St, East Melbourne (03) 9419 7122


  • National Capital Private Hospital,
  • Barton Private Hospital, 2/9 Sydney Ave Barton

Important:  If your surgeon does not operate at an accredited facility – ie accredited by ACHS or ISO standards -you should rethink your procedure.  There are doctors who will perform surgery in unaccredited facilities which can put your well being, and even your life, in jeopardy.   These are typically cheaper surgeries because there are less theatre staff to pay, your anaesthetic is often not performed by a qualified Anaesthetist and there are minimal compliance costs.  There is a reason accredited facilities charge more for surgery – there is a lot that goes into getting you safely through your procedure.