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Can I claim a Medicare rebate for a Breast Reduction Procedure?

If you have large, heavy breasts which are causing you back, neck or shoulder pain, and/or emotional problems, you may be thinking about having breast reduction surgery.  Along with the pain, you might also be having issues with finding clothes which fit properly or look attractive because of your bigger… Read more »

What does a Mummy Makeover cost in Australia?

The cost of a Mummy Makeover is a common question but the answer isn’t as simple as reading a price list or menu of services, and nor should it, because every individual’s needs will be different.  It’s surgery we’re talking about, and there are several factors which will impact on the… Read more »

5 reasons to delay your cosmetic surgery

Should I have cosmetic surgery? You feel like you are ready to go ahead with your cosmetic surgery, and you may think you have every base covered.   But, your Plastic Surgeon’s ethics and years of experience have led them to advise you to delay your surgery.    Most patients are realistic, and once the reasons… Read more »

From Consultation to Cosmetic surgery – what to expect in a nutshell (Part 1)

So…you’ve gotten over your initial nerves and made the appointment with your Plastic Surgeon, or maybe you are still thinking about making that first appointment.  You are probably wondering what happens next?  Well, I hope to help you cut through the mystery so that you can approach your first consultation with greater confidence, and… Read more »