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Dr Milovic’s Mummy Makeover patient interviewed by Vogue Australia

After having a Mummy Makeover with Dr Milovic last year, this patient wanted to share her journey. She was interviewed this week by Vogue Australia (for their Cosmetic Enhancement and Anti-ageing Biannual) and will share her experience about why she underwent a combined tummy and breast procedure after having two… Read more »

BodyJet® for gentle, effective liposuction.

In addition to Suction Assisted Liposuction, Dr Milovic performs liposuction using the BodyJet®, water assisted liposuction (WAL) technology which is a more gentle and effective method of liposuction with a quicker recovery time and less discomfort.    

How to Get Liposuction Right the First Time

Liposuction is one of  the most popular plastic surgery procedures. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ASAPS reports liposuction as being in the top five category for both men and women, with more than 300-thousand procedures performed in 2012.  Despite its popularity, especially for people within the ages of 35- 50, there ares times when… Read more »