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Breast Lift vs. Breast Reduction

A breast lift and a breast reduction, while often confused, are far from interchangeable. These two procedures are both designed to alter the position and/or shape of the breasts, but each are meant for different purposes and conducted through distinctive surgical means. All the same, both have yielded effective results for patients all around the world, improving their confidence, self-image, and – in the case of breast reduction – their health, as well. After a successful breast lift or breast reduction (or a combination of both), patients typically feel infinitely more comfortable and proud of their new breast contours.

Mastopexy, also known as a “breast lift”, serves to reposition the breasts by removing excess skin, creating an uplifted, tightened effect. A surgeon will also sometimes fix downward-pointing nipples or sagging areolas. Unlike a reduction, a breast lift cannot change the size of the breasts on its own. Rather, patients usually undergo mastopexy when their breasts have lost firmness due to pregnancy, weight fluctuations, various hormonal issues, or if they simply desire a more youthful-looking figure.

Whereas breast lift surgery is largely considered a cosmetic procedure, breast reduction can serve a more specific purpose. While some do undergo breast reduction for mainly aesthetic reasons (e.g. discomfort with disproportionately large breasts, difficulty shopping for clothes and bras, etc.), patients often want to reduce their breast size to better suit their physical needs. Overly large breasts can cause severe strain on the back, neck, or shoulders, and can even impact mobility in extreme cases. Rather than just lifting the breasts, a breast reduction surgery involves the removal of tissue, drastically changing the breast size.

Surgeons are often able to combine these two procedures for optimal lifting and rejuvenation. In fact, many who undergo breast reduction also express interest in mastopexy as well. The two performed together can reduce the breasts to a more comfortable size while also achieving a “perkier” effect, leaving the patient with the firmer, more youthful breasts they desire.

If you are unsure which procedure or combination of procedures is right for you, put your trust in Dr Vlad Milovic. He creates a customised plan for every individual he treats, consistently exceeding the expectations of both our Melbourne and Canberra patients. Schedule your consultation with Dr Milovic today.