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Insta breasts : the 24 hour breast augmentation

NYC Plastic Surgeon, Dr Norman Rowe, has created what has been called the “24 hour boob job” by injecting saline into a woman’s breasts before she undergoes surgery.    The saline is then absorbed into the body.   Injections of saline are typically used in the case of breast reconstruction, however, saline is injected into and contained within a “breast expander” (a deflated shell) which has been surgically implanted.  Breast expansion occurs over a number of weeks until a woman achieves her desired look.

Some plastic surgeons in the US, such as Dr Jen Ashton, have expressed concerns that any procedure, whether by needle or scalpel, needs to be considered in light of possible complications such as infection, haematoma, nerve and blood vessel damage, and other possible risks which are still unknown.   Dr Rowe is now developing a new procedure which should see the results lasting at least 2 weeks and is currently in discussion with the FDA about it.

I can see why the “Insta breast” would be attractive as a temporary option for women.  However, for me, the jury is still out on this one until we know more about the possible risks and complications.

If it were available, you consider getting the 24 hour breast augmentation?   Let us know in the comments box below.