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My Breast Reduction : A Patient’s Story

One of Dr Milovic’s patients, Janet*, was asked to talk to us about her breast reduction journey.   Janet works as a ward nurse at a regional hospital.  She was finding her job complicated by her very large breasts as well as the pain on her neck and shoulders.

Before Surgery

Why did you consider having breast reduction surgery?

“Very large breasts!!”

What else can you tell us about your feelings, thoughts and decisions before your breast reduction surgery with Dr Milovic?

“I had contemplated surgery for a few years, had a negative experience with one surgeon and that made making the decision to seek out someone else very hard.”

“I met Dr Milovic and he explained the procedure clearly, and had a lot of empathy so I felt confident with his skills. (I had researched for a few years prior to visiting Dr Milovic).”

“At times I wondered if I really should do this but I knew it would make a big difference to everyday.  I had to have neck surgery prior to this and I thought the weight of my breasts were not helping.”

Surgery Day

So when the day arrived, what went through your mind?

“I read a few peoples (sic) blogs on internet.  I had previously read up on the surgery.”

“I was concerned how my husband would be with scarring etc.  He encouraged me to go ahead with the surgery. I was happy to be able to trust Dr Milovic it still is a big decision to know you are electing to an operation with all it’s risks etc, which were explained to me and it’s not an operation you would want to choose without major thought.”

“I thought about being able to buy a bra after surgery.  I sourced where to do this, found out how long I was expected to be in hospital.”

“Dr Milovic saw me just prior to surgery and explained what he was going to do.  I was a bit nervous about the change but I had faith in Dr Milovic and the Anaesthetist so it was GO!”

After Surgery

Has your surgery made a difference to the way you life your life, your quality of life?  Would you consider this type of surgery again?

“Recovery day! A bit sore, Day 2 felt great ready for home next morning.  Overnight I had a bleed and this was extremely painful, so I had to go back.  It meant an extra 2 days in hospital.  I was ok about it and Dr Milovic’s support was great (I have had other surgery so wasn’t too difficult for me).”

“Has the surgery made a difference?  You BET! I can wear a bra all day (before after 5 minutes I had numb fingers from my neck).  I bought a pair of swimmers!! My quality of life is better.  I take time to dress a bit better, no choice before.”

“I would definitely consider and choose Dr Milovic again.  My neck is remarkably better and I actually stand up straight.  I didn’t realise what a difference this would make in my life and would like to thank Dr Vlad for his outstanding care, his empathy and his ability to handle my sense of humour.”

“Thanks to the girls in the office – nothing was ever a problem.  I am now several bra cup sizes smaller than before.  I am very happy with my result and happy to share with anyone considering this surgery.  Don’t wait as long as I did!!”

Note:  Janet * is not this patient’s real name, for privacy reasons.  The above ‘before and after’ photos are examples of Dr Milovic’s work, individual results may vary.  ‘Before and after’ photos are digitally untouched.  This patient story is a  copy of the original handwritten copy, which is available for review in rooms.  Janet gave her story about breast reduction without any incentive by our practice.

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