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Frequently Asked Questions about Mummy Makeovers

Many women express disappointment with the slow progress they make after childbirth back towards their pre-pregnancy body. Even with a disciplined diet and exercise regime, many new mothers never achieve the results they are looking for. To help women take back control of their bodies, Dr Vlad Milovic offers a… Read more »

My Breast Augmentation : A Real Mum’s Story

Having a breast augmentation procedure, like all surgery, is a life changing experience.  The experience is unique for each woman and you should consider the benefits and potential risks in mind before having your breast implants.  Patient stories and journals are one way you can find out more, along with… Read more »

A Mummy Makeover patient shares her result!

Background This 35 year old mum, let’s call her “Mummy A”, presented at Dr Milovic’s office with concerns about her deflated breasts and loose tummy muscles after two pregnancies.  Mummy “A” wasn’t planning on having any further children, so she was considering a mummy makeover procedure.  Mummy “A” was also going to… Read more »

Top 3 questions about Mummy Makeover surgery

This month, Dr Milovic is asked about the top 3 questions he was asked by mummy patients in April.   There are of course more questions that are asked about the mummy makeover procedure, but some were asked more frequently than others. “Sharing is caring” : If you like this post, please share it… Read more »

What is a Mummy Makeover?

MUMMY MAKEOVER: Many women experience significant body changes following pregnancy and birth and multiple pregnancies only compound these changes. You might want to refresh your face at the same time or change the shape of your nose. There are several combinations, often done at the same time by a qualified… Read more »

Mummy Makeover (Part 2) – What you need to know

Following on from my previous post, Mummy Makeover (Part 1) – What you Need to Know, this post will provide an overview of Recovery and Aftercare once you have a Mummy Makeover procedure.   If you haven’t read Part 1, it’s a good idea to go back and read it. Mummy Makeover… Read more »

Insta breasts : the 24 hour breast augmentation

'Instabreast' Gives Patients Breast Implants for 24 Hours. Hit or miss? #breastimplants # instabreast via @YouTube — Dr Vladimir Milovic (@DrVladMilovic) November 15, 2014 NYC Plastic Surgeon, Dr Norman Rowe, has created what has been called the “24 hour boob job” by injecting saline into a woman’s breasts before… Read more »

6 tips to help you choose your breast implants

If you are thinking about getting a breast augmentation, I am sure that there will be some questions you will have in common with patients who have come to see me.  Some of these questions can include: What size should I get? Should I get anatomical (teardrop) implants to get… Read more »

Breast augmentation recovery FAQ : When will my breast implants settle?

  Breast augmentation recovery FAQ:  When will my breast implants settle? Answer: It is normal for patients who have undergone breast augmentation to want to see their final result quite quickly. Remember that breast implants are foreign to the body and will take time to adjust.   Patients can expect that… Read more »