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Frequently asked questions about Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed in Australia. Thousands of people have the procedure done for aesthetic and medical reasons done every year, and it frequently ranks in the top three most performed surgeries in the country. This means there’s a wealth of local… Read more »

What’s the difference between a cosmetic surgeon and Plastic Surgeon?

This is a common question, and we don’t blame patients for feeling confused.  Marketing can gloss over these important details. This infographic, provided by Sientra (US implant company), shows the years that go into becoming a Plastic Surgeon. By way of comparison in Australia, just replace the words “Board Certified”… Read more »

A Mummy Makeover patient shares her result!

Background This 35 year old mum, let’s call her “Mummy A”, presented at Dr Milovic’s office with concerns about her deflated breasts and loose tummy muscles after two pregnancies.  Mummy “A” wasn’t planning on having any further children, so she was considering a mummy makeover procedure.  Mummy “A” was also going to… Read more »

Top 3 questions about Mummy Makeover surgery

This month, Dr Milovic is asked about the top 3 questions he was asked by mummy patients in April.   There are of course more questions that are asked about the mummy makeover procedure, but some were asked more frequently than others. “Sharing is caring” : If you like this post, please share it… Read more »

Dr Milovic’s Mummy Makeover patient interviewed by Vogue Australia

After having a Mummy Makeover with Dr Milovic last year, this patient wanted to share her journey. She was interviewed this week by Vogue Australia (for their Cosmetic Enhancement and Anti-ageing Biannual) and will share her experience about why she underwent a combined tummy and breast procedure after having two… Read more »

Safety before profits: why cosmetic surgery is ripe for regulation | SBS News

should read this article as part of the research process – it explains how cosmetic surgery has become such an unregulated industry.  Safety should always be before profits.  It is not just the ability to perform a procedure that counts; it is the ability and competence to deal with post-operative… Read more »

5 reasons to delay your cosmetic surgery

Should I have cosmetic surgery? You feel like you are ready to go ahead with your cosmetic surgery, and you may think you have every base covered.   But, your Plastic Surgeon’s ethics and years of experience have led them to advise you to delay your surgery.    Most patients are realistic, and once the reasons… Read more »

From Consultation to Cosmetic surgery – what to expect in a nutshell (Part 1)

So…you’ve gotten over your initial nerves and made the appointment with your Plastic Surgeon, or maybe you are still thinking about making that first appointment.  You are probably wondering what happens next?  Well, I hope to help you cut through the mystery so that you can approach your first consultation with greater confidence, and… Read more »

6 tips to help you choose your breast implants

If you are thinking about getting a breast augmentation, I am sure that there will be some questions you will have in common with patients who have come to see me.  Some of these questions can include: What size should I get? Should I get anatomical (teardrop) implants to get… Read more »